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Alcachofa Tea is one of the most antioxidant rich appetite reducing teas. Lose weight and save over 40% on purchase!!

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alcachofa artichoke wholeWhy does alcachofa tea work? Science has proven that antioxidants help with a multitude of diseases. Our harsh surroundings and choices such as the suns UV rays, pollution and a poor diet break down our cells. Alcachofa tea works by helping the body protect these cells from oxidation, or breaking down.
Alcachofas antioxidants have potential to fight off such diseases such as cancer and heart disease and help you look younger and feel healthier.

Using alcachofa or “artichoke extract”  for its health benefits has been around for a long time. It has been used as an herbal remedy in Asia for 5000 years. Just like green leaf, science has proven the benefits of these teas however, Alcachofa has the benefit of being even more antioxidant rich and give even more health benefits. The artichoke extract in these teas is a natural hunger suppressant.

[Drinking alcachofa tea lowers cravings and controls your hunger]

Drinking alcachofa tea lowers cravings and controls your hunger. This allows you to stay on a healthier
diet and eat less which will lead to your body losing weight. And just like all alcachofa products it helps your body produce key bodily chemicals that naturally lower cholesterol. It does this by increasing the efficiency of the liver.

Effects of high cholesterol

High cholesterol can clog arteries

Alcachofa Tea can help lower cholesterol

There is good and bad cholesterol. High density lipoprotein, or HDL is the good kind of cholesterol. HDL coats the cells to help them move through out the body. Low density lipoprotein, or LDL is the bad cholesterol. When LDL starts to build up and oxidizes it causes blocks in the arteries which stops the movement of blood that ultimately causes strokes. High fatty foods and other high cholesterol foods are part of the cause of this build up of LDL cholesterol.

Drinking Alcachofa tea can lower the levels of LDL cholesterol by strengthening the liver. Also the added antioxidants from the artichoke can reduce the oxidation of the of cholesterol to help avoid these artery blockages in the first place. Artichoke helps your body produce the chemicals vital to food digestion and helps the body move blood through out your arteries.

The Alcachofa diet is said to help your body break down fat, remove toxins and control body weight. If you normally drink sugary coffees or soda drinks, replace them with Alcachofa tea and you are guaranteed to lose weight. If you want to be healthier Alcachofa tea fends off disease and sickness and helps control your weight.

[Replace sugary soda drinks and coffees with Alcachofa Tea and you are guaranteed to lose weight]

Key ingredients:

Green tea leaf, Red tea leaf, White tea Leaf and Artichoke.


Boil 1 cup of water and place tea bag into cup.

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